Insulated ducts

Options available:


• Integrated motorized shutters

• Integrated fire-resistant shutters

• Custom-made access doors

• Thickness from 2’’ to 6’’ (R16 to R48)

• Elastomer membrane for exterior use








• Stainless steel hardware and support rods

• Installed by our specialised technicians anywhere
  in North America

• Design service provided by our HVAC technicians
  3D modelling service





Cool specializes in the manufacture and installation of quality products designed specifically for the food industry. That is why we have developed a piping system by insulating panels resistant to mold and higher pressures.


Cool lines can be used indoors or outdoors, pipe insulation eliminates the risk of condensation and water training in networks. The insulation can be from 2 '' to 6 '' allows a heat resistance of R16 to R46 and limiting heat losses in the distribution system.






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